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SOL Sustainable Melissa Ollsin Owner Project Manager

Melissa Ollsin

Co-Owner, Project Manager

SOL Sustainable - Charles Appleford - Owner Builder

Charles Appleford

Co-Owner, Builder

Inspired by ecologically sound design principles, and using tried and tested innovative technologies, we plan and construct high efficiency custom crafted homes. Our goal is to delight our clients with resilient, light-filled spaces to live in that don’t consume heating or cooling energy. We build for the future with sustainable practices that lock in savings for generations to come.


We are a family run business based in Victoria, British Columbia, and we have been building and renovating homes for decades. You may know us as Melissa Ollsin, Charlie Appleford, and the team at Appleford Building Company. At Appleford Building Company we are experts in making substantial improvements to older buildings to bring them up to code and improve efficiency. We also incorporate new technologies and proven innovative approaches whenever we build homes from the ground up. What we’ve learned, is that it is now possible to design and craft homes that exceed energy-efficient targets for building. These sensible building practices have inspired us to launch our sister company, Sol Sustainable, to help us realize our vision of innovative custom home design for our clients.

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We’re specialists when it comes to residential and commercial new build, extensions, renovations, passive house construction and more.

Sol Sustainable 30 Years Experience

More than 30 years of experience delivering premium construction at competitive rates while maintaining an absolute personal commitment and involvement with our clients.

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Dedicated to the construction of quality custom homes and cottages with exceptional craftsmanship, high-end construction that continues beyond completion of the project.

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Our cloud-based project management system ensures instant, clear communication between our clients, architects and build crew.

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