Services & Process

We are very proud to provide unique custom-designed spaces for our clientele.

Contact us if you would like more information about an energy-efficient new build or renovation.

SolSustainable Meet Melissa Ollsin And Charlie Appleford


  • Set up an initial phone conversation to discuss the project. 
  • The client sends us a wish list with wants, needs, and inspirational photos. 
  • Arrange a site visit. 
  • Review any specific site requirements or hardships and verify zoning. 
  • Discuss the desired budget. 


  • The design phase begins with a concept design. 
  • We look further into project feasibility. 
  • The client gives design feedback.
  • We will provide a preliminary budget for the first design.
SOL Sustainable Services Design and Budget
SOL Sustainable Services Design, Engineering, Surveys


  • We get into the final design taking into account client feedback.
  • Necessary engineering, surveying and any other consulting completed that needs to happen before permit.
  • Start more detailed millwork drawings and look at the finishing details.
  • Permit submitted.
  • A client portal will be created to share information and updates.


  • We set up the site and facilities to get the project underway.
  • Construction begins.
  • Our dedicated and talented staff and procured sub-trades will apply our design through to completion.
  • Throughout you are kept up to date on progress and budgets.
  • Your project manager will ensure you are completely satisfied until completion.
SOL Sustainable Services Construction
SOL Sustainable - Our Work - Cordova Bay Temple - Front Exterior

Final Walkthroughs & Warranty

  • We do final client walkthroughs and address any deficiencies right away. 
  • We give you a job binder that is all about your job! 
  • We commence warranties. 
  • We continue to be a support long past warranty, and are always just a phone call away!  

Have you set your heart on an energy efficient new build or renovation?